Dr Mourikis Anastasios

Treatment of proximal humeral chondrosarcoma with resection and allograft.

Chondrosarcoma of the proximal humerus is an uncommon malignant bone tumor, and limited information is available about treatment. We retrospectively reviewed 31 patients treated by resection and replacement with allograft implants during the past 24 years. The patients were followed up for an average of more than 16 years. Despite some allograft complications, the overall success rate for the grafts was 77%, and patient survival was 96%. Only 1 patient died. Two patients required amputation for local recurrences, and the remainder did reasonably well despite some functional problems. On the basis of this study and by comparison data, we believe that proximal humeral chondrosarcomas are less malignant than chondrosarcomas in other sites. In comparing them against 26 metallic implants, we believe that resection and allograft implantation remains a generally successful treatment, although the improvement of the metallic devices over the years has made this technique more available and acceptable.


By Mourikis A1, Mankin HJ, Hornicek FJ, Raskin KA.

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